Dream FM 1994-1997

Established by DJ Spinback, Fiaz & Swifflee in 1994 as Global FM and later renamed, Dream FM was born in a transitional period where hardcore was evolving into two genres, Jungle & Happy Hardcore. Dream played predominantly happy music from the early hardcore era (92-94). Tracks like "DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect" and "Krome & Time - The Slammer" became regular anthems on the station.

Within a relatively short space of time Dream became huge and ran a brilliant shut-down show every Sunday night that was hosted by Swifflee & Fiaz where live callers were encouraged to phone in and chat with the crew. Other big names on the station included DJ Spinback, Gussy, Influence, DJ Twiz, MC Ruff (R.I.P), Boots Hi-Fi,  Wise, Zuki Banton, Tom Thumb and Energy (Wax City Records).

The success of the station was so big that it was able to run it's own regular rave events known as the "Dream All-nighters"  held at venues such as Labyrinth, The Rocket, and Linford Film studios. Some of the Dream management were also featured in the "Radio Renegades" TV documentary (see our Videos section).

Spinback also produced a monthly magazine called Dream Magazine and is now running a record store in Wimbledon called IMO records. There is currently a website at http://www.dreamukonline.com/ where hopefully soon you will be able to select from an archive of old Dream FM recordings.

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Dream Magazine

Dream All-Nighter

DJ Spinback

MC Ruff Tribute

Tragically Ruff died from heart trouble in 1998 at the age of 27 (coincidentally the same weekend that MC Stevie Hyper-D also died). Special nights were held at Labyrinth to mark the anniversaries of his death with profits going to the CRY organisation (promoting awareness of Cardiac Risk in the Young). Ruff's MCing style was uniquely lyrical and captivating and hasn't been equalled since.

RIP MC Ruff.


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